Legs, Nose, and Mrs. Robinson

Gaston's twerking. I'm Indian. How cool...And welcome to my humble abode.

Have you forgotten me?

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Viserys had been stupid and vicious, she had come to realize, yet sometimes she missed him all the same. Not the cruel weak man he had become by the end, but the brother who had sometimes let her creep into his bed, the boy who told her tales of the Seven Kingdoms, and talked of how much better their lives would be once he claimed his throne.

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we call this “american mulan” in my home

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What ever happened to Fay Wray?
That delicate, satin-draped frame.

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Omg, finallyr


Omg, finallyr

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elsa + anxious/nervous shaking "conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know"

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why do advertisers sexualize female m&ms

why do advertisers assign gender to m&ms

why do advertisers humanize food products

why is there a bear family who considers the highlight of their day to be wiping their asses

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'Cursed Gold never bothered me anyway'
I just wanted to do this…Hazel Lavesque in Frozen AU


'Cursed Gold never bothered me anyway'

I just wanted to do this…Hazel Lavesque in Frozen AU

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Mametown Month: The Final One

Okay so this is it, the 30th and final post of Mametown Month. It’s been a joy to do and I hope you have enjoyed seeing the gifsets as much as I have enjoyed making them. It would mean a lot if you could all help me get this found by Mamrie as Mametown Month was all in her honour after all. Thankyou for sticking by whilst I take my sweet time and often produced bad quality gifs.

I am imfuckinpressed.

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the last two frames of this kill me

I will reblog this forever.

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